Ordination methods for community ecology


Taiwan Endemic Species Research Centre

JiJi Township, Taiwan

April 17-19, 2016


Pierre Legendre

Université de Montréal


This page contains links to various documents and programs that will be used during the course

Course outline, JiJi 2016


Documents in PDF format

Day 1

"Algebra of Principal Component, Correspondence, and Principal Coordinate Analyses" (Teaching document)

"File: Script_graphic_rotation_3-D.pdf" (R demonstration)

"From classical to canonical ordination" (Chapter)

"Contingency table analysis" (Teaching document)

"Transformations for ordination of species data" (Chapter extract)

"Ordination methods for community composition data" (Figure)

Day 2

"Some measures of resemblance" (Teaching document)

"Symmetrical and asymmetrical coefficients" (Teaching document)

"Is Miss America an undernourished role model?" (Article)

"Multiple regression: computing the parameters by matrix inversion" (Teaching document)

"R-square, adjusted R-square, AIC, F-statistic" (Chapter extract)

"Polynomial regression, trend surface analysis" (Teaching document)

"Partial linear regression and variation partitioning" (Chapter extract)

"Partial and semipartial correlation" (Chapter extract)

Day 3

"Statistical tests, permutation tests" (Chapter extract)

"Multiple regression with permutation test" (R function)

"Permutation test summary" (Classroom notes)

"Canonical analysis" (Classroom notes)

"General linear model" (Classroom notes)


Practicals in R

Practicals last updated in April 2016

Folder containing practicals using the R statistical language


R functions and PDF reprints from the lab of Pierre Legendre