Centre de la science de la biodiversité du Québec (CSBQ)

Québec Centre for Biodiversity Science (QCBS)

CSBQ/QCBS Biodiversity Science Intensive School

October 29 - November 9, 2012

Réserve Gault, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec


Beta diversity and ordination of community data;

spatial eigenfunction analysis

November 3, 2012

Pierre Legendre

Professor, Université de Montréal


This page offers links to the course documents

Course description, Legendre, November 03, 2012


Documents in PDF format

  • "Algebra of principal component analysis and other ordination methods" (Teaching document)
  • "From classical to canonical ordination" (Book chapter)
  • "Canonical analysis" (Chapter extract)
  • "Beta diversity partitioning" (PDF print of a PowerPoint presentation)
  • "Spatial eigenfunction methods" (PDF print of a PowerPoint presentation)
  • Complementary teaching documents for your information

  • "Ordination methods for community composition data tables" (Figure)
  • "Ecologically meaningful transformations for ordination of species data" (Paper)
  • "Multiple regression: computing the parameters by matrix inversion" (Teaching document)
  • "R-square, adjusted R-square" (Chapter extract)
  • "Statistical tests, permutation tests" (Chapter extract)
  • "Permutation test summary" (Classroom notes)

    Praticals in R

    Folder containing the course practicals in R language


    Functions, data sets and reprints of the Legendre laboratory